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A Carnal Test

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        Three couples wanted to be admitted into a new church. One was an elderly couple, one was a middle-aged couple, and one was a young couple. http://www.xue90.cn来自《幽默学英语》网
The priest said, "Well, the only way you can get into my church is to abstain from having sex for two weeks."
"No problem," said all three couples.
Two weeks later, the three couples returned to the church.
"It was a piece of cake," said the elderly couple. "We didn't have sex for two weeks straight."
The middle-aged couple said, "It was kind of difficult, but we made it. We didn't have sex for two weeks straight."
Finally, the young couple said, "Well, we made it through the first five days or so, but then, as my wife was bending over to pick up a can of paint, I just had to give it to her right then and there."
The priest was stunned. "You do realize that you aren't welcome in this church, don't you?"
The couple shrugged it off. "That's ok. We aren't welcome in Home Depot anymore, either." 

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